MK Developments minimizes clients’ risk of acquisition, holding costs, and development time by land banking property.


We offer a comprehensive suite of services such as zoning, demographic studies, land planning, site plan analysis, civil engineering, architectural design, and contractor estimates. Our adept team of selected engineers, architects, and contractors work closely with our clients from the inception of the project to guarantee that the most efficient site plan and processes are executed while adhering to our clients' specific criteria. At MK Developments, our unwavering dedication is to materialize our clients' visions with outstanding expertise and meticulous attention to detail.


At MK Developments, we take pride in our proficiency to procure and manage lands of various sizes for diverse usage purposes. Our expertise ranges from single-family to multi-family projects, as well as commercial to mixed-use developments. We have the knowledge and experience needed to acquire and obtain entitlements for the land, making it shovel-ready. Our focus is on handling the entire permit acquisition process, allowing our clients to concentrate on their goals.


We prioritize effective communication and understanding when working with our clients for future site plans. Our initial meeting entails fully comprehending and considering our clients' desired outcomes, while taking into account various factors such as feasibility studies and cost constraints. We diligently work towards meeting all permit acquisition timelines and minimizing any unforeseen issues through our comprehensive environmental studies, surveys, and topographical assessments.

Meet the Team

Mitchell, Michelle and Jan are among the most accomplished individuals in their respective field, boasting over 60 years of collective experience in delivering exceptional results. Their proficiency and dedication have earned them a reputation as industry leaders, setting an unparalleled standard of excellence for others to follow.


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